Life Christian Academy (LCA) is a ministry of Life Assembly of God that provides its students with a college preparatory education, building them up in body, mind, and spirit. LCA offers students the academic and Biblical keys to life after high school.

Life Christian Academy is a Kindergarten through 12th grade school with a preschool on campus as well. To learn more about Life Christian Academy Preschool, please click the preschool tab, or contact the school office at 407-847-8222 ext. 2.


Life Christian Academy provides an educational environment based on the teaching of the Word of God. In maintaining this daily Christian instruction our ultimate goal is to equip our students to represent Christ and be prepared for life after the completion of their education.

Ethics Guidelines
Non-discriminatory policy
Our History


LCA is dedicated to creating an atmosphere that encourages learning with a college preparatory curriculum led by a degreed and caring faculty.

LCA provides worship experiences in chapel, counselling, and prayer to help the pupil attain a deeper spiritual walk.

LCA offers students opportunities to excel in body, mind, and spirit individually and as a team.


What does being accredited mean?
Accreditation is the process of being certified as a credible and authentic entity. Being accredited means our school has proven itself as a legitimate establishment.

Life Christian Academy is accredited by AdvancED and FLOCS. AdvancEd is recognized by CHEA, the state department, and the US Department of Education. FLOCS is a state and nationally recognized accrediting agency.

Being accredited by these organizations means that a Life Christian Academy High School diploma is worth something in the eyes of the employers and colleges.

Florida League of Christian Schools (FLOCS)